Experience & Expertise
How long has ruckus been in business?

Our agency is coming in hot to its late teen years; we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary in no time.

What sets ruckus apart from other agencies?

We’re genuine, intentional and just fun to work with. We strive to make strong connections with our clients and their target audiences. When people truly connect, the world can be a better place.

Who owns ruckus?

We’re a female-owned, independent agency founded by CEO and Principal Susan Masucci with the vision that a client-focused agency built on integrity, bold ideas and relentless execution would achieve superior results. And guess what? She was right.

What industries has ruckus worked with in the past?

Health care, education, real estate development, human and social services, and the arts.

Which industry does your staff have the most experience in?

For nearly 20 years, we have served healthcare clients whose services extend from birth to end-of-life care (and everything in between). We have taken great care to get to know the stakeholders, leaders and influencers, trends, networks, audiences, expectations and forthcoming opportunities. It’s important to note the intersection of health with so many other industries we work with—education, built environment, culture, arts and creative expression. Our deep understanding of health and our shared humanity influences the way we approach all client work.

Can you provide examples of successful campaigns ruckus has worked on that are similar to our needs?

We’ll work to ensure you cover all your bases as you assess the best agency to meet your objectives. Please check out a few of our latest projects. We can also share specific case studies that may have additional relevance to your needs.

How much experience does the ruckus team have?

We’re a small but mighty group of 12—a group of seasoned professionals and emerging superstars. We all bring experience and results in marketing, advertising, design, communications and strategic planning from agency, corporate, non-profit and small business backgrounds.

What does ruckus specialize in?

Our mission-driven marketing, strategic communications and design programs have empowered myriad client organizations to achieve measurable results. We’ve created enduring relationships while developing dynamic strategies for a variety of clients—ranging from brand development and management, digital experiences, organizational communications, earned/paid/owned digital and traditional media, video/photoproduction, fundraising campaigns, community relations, social marketing—and so much more. It’s not that we try to be everything to everyone, we bring the tools and recommendations that are right to meet each client’s individual needs or challenges.

Understanding Your Business
What's ruckus’ approach to learning about a client's business and target audience?

Our ‘discovery process’ is where we engage in in-depth conversations that facilitate honest and insightful exchanges outlining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and successes. This effort also includes methods such as surveys and interviews with external stakeholders (your clients, investors, partners, influencers) and a deep-dive competitor analysis. This helps us understand the trends, pain points, motivations, and negative/positive experiences of your target audiences. We find these efforts yield key insights and intelligence that provide context for the strategies tied to our scope of work.

What if my organization isn’t aligned to the industries you work with?

We love a challenge and welcome the opportunity to see how we may create a ruckus together. Our agency is replete with lifelong learners who are naturally curious.

Strategic Approach
How does ruckus develop a strategic marketing plan?

Following our discovery phase, we engage in a process that aligns your business goals with marketing efforts, often helping prioritize their implementation. Our planning efforts outline your positioning and differentiation and we ensure strong goals or key performance indicators are agreed to at the onset.

What's your process for understanding an organization’s target audience and creating effective campaigns?

We develop detailed personas to understand your target audience. It’s our job to understand their demographics, preferences, pain points and behaviors. This information guides message development and tactical interventions.

Creativity & Innovation
How do you foster creativity within your team?

We take inspiration from all around us and we're proud of the open and positive work culture we’ve created where team members bring their whole, authentic selves. We’re comfortable sharing ideas without fear of criticism, and foster a sense of collaboration by promoting cross-functional teamwork. There are no silos at ruckus. We’re big on brainstorming sessions, encourage risk-taking and experimentation, and dig deep in skill development.

Can ruckus provide examples of innovative campaigns you've developed?

So glad you asked–we encourage you to check out our award-winning work. Check it out.

Budget & ROI
How does ruckus typically structure pricing and fees?

We like to think there’s no such thing as ‘typical’ and work hard to provide a pricing structure that works best for our clients. It really depends on the scope of work, the type of services provided and the duration of the project/initiative. Some work lends itself to an hourly rate, while others benefit from a project-based fee. We also have retainer-based contracts, where clients pay a fixed monthly rate for a set number of hours for a predefined scope of work.

Regardless of the fee structure, we’re big on clear communication and transparency in pricing agreements, ensuring that both parties have a mutual understanding of the services provided and the associated costs.

Can you provide examples of how your strategies have delivered a positive return on investment(ROI) for clients?

We encourage you to review some of our case studies outlined here on our site; we’re also happy to meet with you and review many other successful efforts.

Measuring Success
How does ruckus measure the success of your work?

That depends on a number of variables. However, no matter the scope of the initiative or campaign, we always work closely with our clients to establish objectives that align to your organizational goals.

What key performance indicators (KPIs) does ruckus focus on?

There’s no one-size-fits all approach, and westrive to go beyondlikes and impressions.We push for tangible, sustainable results that drive your business forward.

Communication & Reporting
What is ruckus’ communication style and frequency with clients?

Our communication style and frequency are tailored to our clients’ expectations and the demands of the specific industry, project or campaign. We value regular check-ins, open lines of communication, and a collaborative approach which has resulted in strong and successful relationships.

How does ruckus provide campaign performance reports, and how often?

Reporting varies by client and the type of work we’re engaged in; we typically have  ‘check-ins’ on an agreed-to schedule between both parties. We also provide as-needed updates, real-time reporting, and monthly or quarterly business reviews.

Technology & Tools
What tools or technologies does ruckus use to enhance campaign performance?

We leverage data analytics to deliver customized and targeted content on our clients’ behalf. This includes personalized recommendations, dynamic ads, and tailored messaging based on user behavior. Our toolkit is vast and evolving–from advertising analytics, ad creatives, project management, and collaboration software, to social media management, CRM, marketing automation, survey tools, and content management systems–giving us insight to make data-driven decisions that optimize campaigns and improve future performance.

What approaches are people embracing right now?

Short-form videos continue to dominate digital advertising and ephemeral content (think Instagram, TikTok) as people embrace the temporary and authentic nature of these formats.

Regardless of the format, it’s about storytelling that combines insight and ingenuity to connect in an immediate and authentic way.

How do members of your team stay updated on the latest trends and technologies?

The advertising landscape is extremely dynamic, with technologies emerging constantly. We encourage and support professional development for our team and each individual employee based on their goals. We dedicate time and attention to staying on top of the trends so we can offer clients the latest approaches to connecting with and engaging stakeholders.

Client References
Can you provide references from current or past clients?

Yes, we’re always happy to provide references and we encourage you to connect with our clients. Selecting an agency partner is as much about the experience of the partnership as it is the ability to achieve your goals. We know the best work results from the best partnerships.

Has ruckus worked with businesses or organizations for an extended period of time?

We believe our strongest measures of success are reflected in our client relationships, some of whom have been with us since we opened shop in 2006. We also have a number of clients who return to ruckus year after year with special projects as well as clients who’ve re-engaged our partnership when they’ve moved to new companies.

Agency Contact
Who can I talk with to see if ruckus is the right agency for my organization?

We’d love to explore a relationship with you! Send us a note at lets@createaruckus.com.