Since its inception, ruckus has been proud to support a range of causes and organizations working to make our world a better place. In 2022, we formalized our commitment by establishing “Cause a ruckus” — a platform for ruckus to highlight issues and causes of importance to our team through design as well as benefit community-based organizations working to advocate and create change.


Our team selected our first topic, mental health, based on its personal impact on many of us and our loved ones. Our creative team collaborated to design merch and a website to facilitate sales, along with an email and social campaign to promote it. We produced the tees locally in partnership with Sunday Mourning Press and launched with our first product. Proceeds of the tee were distributed to Here Tomorrow, a Jacksonville-based organization that seeks to make mental healthcare acceptable and accessible to all.

Brand identity, Design, Campaign Strategy, Social Media, Website, Digital Marketing
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