The orthotic device category has seen little evolution over the last several decades. Elevate Movement is bringing disruptive innovation to the industry through new technologies, materials and engineering to offer more comfortable, effective and user-friendly orthotics to help patients with a condition called foot drop. Elevate asked ruckus to provide comprehensive marketing services to launch their new products through a multi-channel effort aimed at patients, clinicians and prescribers.


Understanding the need for discrete messaging targeting patients and clinicians, with limited resources in a stagnant industry, ruckus worked closely with the Elevate team to develop a highly-tailored approach. Developing a brand strategy and messaging that conveyed the innovative, high-tech solutions offered by the company, the brand’s launch efforts proved successful and have precipitated a next wave of product offerings to be launched in 2024.

Full-Service Consultation, Brand Identity, Campaign Strategy, Media Planning, Social Media, Broadcast, Website, Digital Marketing
Elevate Movement
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