The establishment of Mitchell Learning Academy (MLA) was a dream come true for ReShawndia and Dontorien Mitchell. In nearly 10 years, the early learning academy has grown to include two locations as well as private school education for Kindergarten up to Second Grade. As the Mitchells continued to set high standards and support student learning inside and outside the classroom, they turned to ruckus to support their marketing needs — from redesigning their website and learning implements to planning and implementing enrollment campaigns.


Ruckus approached MLA’s needs by creating a comprehensive marketing plan and timeline to help the client prioritize while maintaining momentum and growth. FIrst, we evolved their brand beyond their singular logo asset, designing and producing tees and learning implements to signal their brand evolution. These were made and distributed while the new website was being designed and developed. Once the website launched, we went to work planning and implementing a targeted digital campaign, including producing a :30 spot, that aligned with peak enrollment periods. The campaign delivered outstanding results, achieving an impressive 3.5% conversion rate. The display campaign not only increased visibility but also catapulted Southside applications by an impressive 40%. A commendable 25% surge in SEM click-through rates, showcasing the compelling resonance of our messaging. Additionally:

  • A 50% spike in engagement.
  • A 20% view through completion rate exceeding industry standards for Video Pre-Roll
  • A notable 35% surge in website traffic for the Riverside location.

These pivotal achievements underscore the strategic and tailored approach.

Full-service Consultation, Brand Identity, Design, Website, Media Planning, Digital Marketing
Mitchell Learning Academy
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