Nemours Children's Health is one of the largest and most geographically dispersed health systems in the U.S. with a sole focus on the well-being of children. Its unique system of pediatric care, research, education and advocacy is redefining the meaning of "health" and the role a health system plays in supporting families and communities — well beyond medicine. Its annual report (available in print and at reflects accomplishments and highlights progress on its strategic journey and is distributed to a variety of stakeholders, influencers, thought leaders and peers. Ruckus has developed and produced the Nemours Children’s annual report for more than 15 years — continually evolving the medium and finding new ways to expand its reach and increase engagement with its content.


The 2021 annual report's title, theme and content aligned with Nemours Children’s newly launched brand, “Well Beyond Medicine,” and offered additional means with which to define and demonstrate tangible examples of the well beyond medicine concept. We developed the website version to feature articles that could be repurposed and shared on social media for months following the launch — offering a means to bring new audiences to the full website. This included reels, stories, carousels and other posts specific to LinkedIn (peer, thought leader) and Instagram (consumer, associate) audiences. The print versions were distributed along with a “How To” guide that offered low-lift ideas for using the Report and sharing its content with the recipients’ networks. Our distribution communication also included targeted emails and electronic signature links for distributor use. The new website, digital signature, and social media tactics led to a 900% increase in traffic from prior years.

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Nemours Children's Health
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