Companion resort-style communities in Southwest Florida, River Hall and Hampton Lakes are mixed-use neighborhoods built around a private golf course and country club. With new homes offered in a wide range of styles and price ranges, the developer needed a marketing strategy that would appeal to seasonal residents, retirees, multi-generational and traditional families.


Facing a competitive market for home buyers, a highly-targeted approach was developed to appeal to multiple audience segments simultaneously. Paid search, outdoor, email, direct mail, radio and paid placements have been used to build interest, engagement, consideration and home purchase. The ruckus team developed a brand idea of “affordable paradise living” that could be tailored to different audiences across multiple channels. Within three years, on-site model home visits increased almost 300 percent.

Full-Service Consultation, Brand Identity, Campaign Strategy, Media Planning, Social Media, Broadcast, Website, Digital Marketing
Greenpointe Developers
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