An ambitious new endeavor to provide a regenerative agri-community, The Farm at Okefenokee is a sprawling 705-acre expanse of productive farmland in Folkston, Ga., adjoining the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Plans include 250 residential cabins, arranged into small hamlets that will foster a sense of community and tranquility, blending the comforts of modern living with the surrounding natural beauty. The Farm will comprise extensive agricultural operations as well as education and experiential opportunities for residents and visitors alike, all with a focus on natural sources of sustenance for those seeking something better than the country’s highly processed, industrialized food system. 


The journey of The Farm at Okefenokee is just beginning. This thoughtfully developing ecosystem requires an intentional balance among many interconnected factors. Our initial approach is focused on brand-building and marketing services that promote The Farm to specific audiences who may invest in and/or support the vision of this unique project. The ruckus team also is engaged in communication efforts that enlist various forms of education, guidance and instruction so people can fully appreciate, engage in and embrace a new way of living. Paid search, social media, PR/media relations, owned and paid email, and a new website have been deployed to build interest and raise awareness. These approaches have contributed to selling the entirety of the first phase of cabins within six months.

2023 - Present
Full-Service Consultation, Campaign Strategy, Media Planning, Social Media, PR/Media Relations, Website, Digital Marketing, Videography, Photography
The Farm at Okefenokee
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