Benefits of agency life as a newbie in the industry

The industry. We’re talking about the big guy, the holy grail, the elusive and intimidating and all encompassing…film industry. For those who don’t know, breaking into this field is like trying to get a pair of too tight skinny jeans on. Everyone can tell how long it took you and the payoff is questionable now that you’re all sweaty and uncomfortable. But man, once you hit the town, you feel unbelievable. To make it in a business as rigorous as film, you have to come ready: hungry, curious and humble. Agency life has proven to be a dynamic and integral part in setting up the next wave of eager filmmakers. 

Diverse Opportunities

There is no better test of your ability as a creative than having to manage the deliverables of multiple clients. Some days you may find us on a farm collecting b-roll of newborn calves, other days we are setting up interviews that help amplify the voices of underrepresented artists. Working at an agency means that every day you have the chance to practice your craft. You get to take on multiple roles – director, videographer, editor, etc. – all while improving your flexibility, time management and client relations skills. 

Access to Resources

It has become increasingly more difficult to self fund your own collection of filmmaking necessities, as everything has gotten ridiculously expensive. Because there is a direct impact on the quality of work, most agencies annually budget for quality gear. This means your hands are typically on the latest equipment, giving you the chance to stay up with the current technology without breaking your own bank. 

Training and Development

It’s a no-brainer that the stronger your crew is, the better the deliverables are for the client. With this, it’s common for agencies to provide training and support, by way of workshops, mentorship programs and other opportunities to help their video team enhance their skills and stay competitive.

Controlled Schedule

As a former freelancer, there is a huge appreciation for the hours that come with working at an agency. Leaving a schedule where a 12-hour day is the minimum, it is refreshing to gain back some time for your own passion projects. 


Although most creatives battle this notion, stability is key for us, whether we like it or not. Agencies provide a steady stream of work compared to the uncertainty of finding projects as a freelancer. And, you get health insurance. 

Support System

If you’re as lucky as me, agency life will introduce you to a team of some of the most talented and supportive people you can find. People who are ready to help inspire, challenge and assist you in any way possible. Agencies, those with strong employee-focused cultures, get you connected to individuals with similar interests and goals, and will surround you with a team that keeps you driven to not only be a better creative, but a better human.

In addition to all of that, agency life means your friends and family aren’t confused about what you do anymore. You have an office! That’s all they need to hear. 

Written by Elise Schmidt, Assistant Content Creator